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             Nowadays  also Professional Data Recovery companies are very rare in every countries .Data Recovery is also an unknown matter for many relevant industries and personals. Even People are very much bothered about the value of data .Some of them are trying many unskilled ways such as software , online solutions ,etc.  to get the data back .But they don't know even careless running of the crashed drive can make the data permanently irrecoverable and corrupted .

           When the storage media fails , you have to care more about the media .Self diagnosis or any software testing can make the data completely damaged .So first the client  needs  to find a Professional company to diagnose the drive to know what the problem and recovery possibility .It is very critical decision whom you are finding as professional. Since the data recovery process is very complicated and risky work.

            Data recovery is like a surgery on human body. Sometimes unrecoverable data damages may be happened to the data by entrusting other unskilled personnel or company before approaching us. The  recovery process is extremely complicated, once extra damages are made due to an unsuccessful data recovery hands it becomes almost impossible to recover the data .
SMART DATA RECOVERY ,Abu Dhabi provides successful data recovery services around the world for many years .

Before  sending  Storage media to Us :
  • Pack the media in such a tightly sealed box that the falling ,shaking cannot effect or move the drive.
  • Be sure to select a safe and professional courier services for shipping
  • Keep the tracking number and track the courier movement .
  • Be sure to write complete address ,contact number and email Id.


  • We will register the drive with all it details and components along with it.
  • We will send you the Receipt and scanned images of the Storage media as a proof for reception of the drive.
  • Then we will transfer the media to our secured Technical section .For normal cases Within 24 hours ,we will give you the diagnosis report( which specifies exact problem ,charge ,recovery possibility , time duration for recovery ,etc)   through email or phone .
  • After getting the confirmation , only we will start the recovery procedure.
  • In every stage of recovery you can ask for the updates , and we will give you the updates on every important matters about the disk.
  • After recovery process ,we will send you the data structure for conforming the data.
  • After conforming the data, we will transfer the data to a new hard drive and after this only we will accept the payment.
  • We will send the damaged drive along with the new hard drive through courier.
  • We are sending the new hard drive by encrypting with a password ,so we can assure the security of the data during the shipment also.
  • You have to contact our technical section for the password after receiving the drive , then we will send you the password for decryption through email.
  • After conforming the collection of the drive , we will keep the data in our media only for 5 days , then we will destroy the data from our media.
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